Reliable and lawful conduct both internally and externally are dear to us, as is good cooperation. This is also the basis for the trust placed in us by customers, principles, business partners and the public sphere. It concerns mutual respect, the handling of business partners and authorities, the solution-oriented handling of conflicts in interest.

Progress is always achieved in jumps and bounds when the contradictions assume aspects of antagonism. That is the characteristic of quality.

G. W. F. Hegel

We are convinced that achieving sustainable economic success is only possible through awareness of one’s own risks and opportunities, and through compliance with rules and standards. OQEMA has pledged itself to a code of conduct which applies to all employees. Through this, we pursue an preventive compliance approach intended to sensitise and educate our staff in order to prevent violations before they even occur. All employees of the OQEMA Group are regularly trained in compliance matters with an emphasis on holding the initial training session face-to-face. In terms of organisation and operations, compliance is rooted in all companies.

The OQEMA Group’s code of conduct can be viewed and downloaded here.

In the OQEMA Group, responsible risk management is supported by a risk management system (RMS). The orientation of our RMS is derived from company goals and business processes. We have introduced uniform principles across the entire Group, which form the foundation for a transparent and adequate handling of risks.

OQEMA has established a whistle-blower system in order to detect any legal or regulatory violations as swiftly as possible. This requires the attention of all employees as well as their willingness to immediately draw attention to possible, severe regulatory violations in case of concrete evidence. This applies to tips from employees as well as those from business partners, customers or other third parties. Information can be submitted to the e-mail address compliance( at )oqema.com or relayed to a compliance officer via direct contact. All tips are handled strictly confidentially and anonymity is preserved.

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